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As a company that is committed to sustainability, we are very interested in the possibilities of waste-to-energy, also called trash-to-energy services.

Waste incineration facilities can help you get rid of your industrial waste while keeping the energy cycle closed and thereby making your operation as sustainable as possible. If you haven't considered waste-to-energy services for your business, now is a perfect time.

What Does a Waste-to-Energy Company Do?

Waste-to-energy is simply the process of generating energy, specifically electricity or heat, by processing waste. It is a type of energy recovery where the energy contained within the waste is released, captured and processed for reuse in another form. A waste-to-energy plant is a facility specifically designed for this type of processing.

The most common type of creating energy by treating residual waste is incineration. Put simply, the waste is burned. Generally, high-temperature incineration of the waste generates heat, which is used to boil water. This creates the steam that powers steam generators which can create electrical energy as well as redirect heat to residential and commercial facilities.

Burning waste can often produce toxic by-products, of course, which is why this process must take place in a licensed waste to energy facility. The facility is where machines are designed to capture the toxic by-products before they escape into the atmosphere, and where many safeguards are in place to make sure the waste is converted safely.

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Why Should You Work With a Waste-to-Energy Company?

In our modern society where the effects human manufacturing have had on the environment are all too clear, it is more important than ever that companies dispose of their waste in an ecologically responsible way. By converting your waste to energy, you are keeping that waste out of landfills and recycling waste that might otherwise be discarded. This process is good for your reputation, good for your community, and good for the world at large.

The only challenges you will have to face when it comes to responsibly disposing of your waste is finding the right waste-to-energy company and getting your waste safely and efficiently to their plant. That’s where ERC comes in.

ERC for Waste Removal for Waste-to-Energy Services

ERC, the Mid-Atlantic region experts in waste processing, recycling, and disposal, is proud to work with waste-to-energy partners in order to promote sustainability in the industry. We can help you find the right waste-to-energy plant near you and transport your waste to that facility.

Once the waste is in our hands, you can be confident it will be transported safely. You’re able to get rid of your waste while enjoying the fact that you are being environmentally responsible, a fact that you can share with your partners and consumers.

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If you are in search of residual waste incinerator locations near you and you are in Pennsylvania, Maryland or surrounding areas like New York, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware or Washington, D.C., ERC would love to help.

For more information on waste-to-energy services for your business, contact ERC at 717-393-2627 or drop us a line electronically today.

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We are committed to providing turn-key, environmentally sound waste management solutions using the latest technologies to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

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