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Facility Shutdown Cleaning

A facility shutdown is often an unpleasant but necessary reality in business. Virtually all machines require maintenance and many of those machines may not be safe to service unless they are powered down. For most businesses, a facility shutdown checklist includes a thorough cleaning.

Shutting down your machines presents a great opportunity to make sure all of your machinery is clean in addition to collecting waste that may have accrued. It can be difficult to give a machine a thorough cleaning while it is operational, so closing your doors is often a crucial feature of facility shutdown procedures. The future of your operation can depend on the effectiveness of your facility shutdown cleaning measures.

ERC for Facility Shutdown Waste Management

If you are facing the problem of how to responsibly and efficiently dispose of the residual waste generated by your facility, calling ERC should be at the top of your list. We are an industry leader and one of the largest waste processors in the region with a reputation for sustainable industrial waste management. When you work with ERC, you can have the peace of mind that you're ridding your facility of waste in an environmentally responsible way.

We can perform all the cleanup tasks on your facility shutdown checklist, including:

The best part about all these services is that we provide waste transportation along with the cleanup services. By providing our transportation services we can remove the responsibility of waste management and clean up completely. If you have 55 gallon barrels of waste or would like barrels for removal, that is great! We have a transportation waste service dedicated to that as well.

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Rely on ERC for Industrial Waste Removal During a Facility Shutdown

When you’re in the midst of a facility shutdown, the time you have to make sure everything is in top shape is limited. You want to get back online as soon as possible to prevent your business from losing revenue. ERC understands, which is why we’re a top choice for your facility shutdown cleaning waste removal. You can focus on other aspects of facility shutdown maintenance secure in the knowledge that your cleaning waste will be taken care of. We are a full-service waste removal solution so when you hire ERC, you can consider your waste removal finished.

We are also a sustainable waste removal company — recycling and reusing whenever possible and doing whatever we can to make sure waste stays out of landfills. Not only can you feel good about quickly and efficiently getting rid of your waste, but you can relax in the knowledge that your waste is being disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Let ERC Handle Your Facility Shutdown Cleanup in PA, MD and Beyond

We have years of experience and highly trained personnel ready to join in your facility shutdown cleanup efforts now. We can design a custom plan that fits your company’s budget, time-constraints, and industrial waste cleanup needs.

We service companies all up and down the Mid-Atlantic region, including New York, Virginia, and even Washington, D.C.

Let us be the final piece of your facility shutdown puzzle. To arrange your industrial waste removal or to learn more about our waste removal processes and procedures, contact us online or call us at 1-833-342-5372 now.

ERC Promise

We are committed to providing turn-key, environmentally sound waste management solutions using the latest technologies to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

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