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Waste Disposal and Waste Management Recycling Services

No matter what industry you are in, your company generates waste, and some companies generate a lot more waste than others. Not to mention, some facilities even create hazardous waste, while others do not. But one thing that all the companies have in common is they need a safe, reliable way to dispose of the waste they create. Ideally, they should be able to dispose of their waste in a way that will get it off their hands without causing undue stress on the surrounding environment and without breaking of any government compliances regarding waste disposal.

We guarantee your waste will be disposed of properly ... because we own the disposal facility. Our disposal facility meets or exceeds all local, state, and federal regulations.  ERC will tailor a program that integrates within your operation while exhausting all recycling options before sending waste for disposal.  By bundling waste disposal services with ERC, our programs will streamline your operation while watching out for the bottom line.

Benefits of ERC's Waste Disposal Services

There are many benefits to choosing ERC for your waste disposal company. First, we are a one-stop shop for industrial waste recycling and disposal. We handle water waste and other liquid waste and we can offer bulk recycling solutions like picking up and removing your containerized waste or waste management recycling bins.

The best thing about ERC? Your responsibility ends once we have taken the waste off your hands. We pick it up, we transport it and we dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way. Simply contact us and we'll come up with a waste disposal plan that works best for your unique business.

You never have to worry that your waste is not being disposed of safely or that you are not in compliance with local, state or federal regulations regarding how you dispose of your industrial waste. We have all the permits needed and know all the procedures, so once we take control of your waste you can relax and focus on the business of your company.

Featured Benefits:

  1. Fully compliant with all DEP and EPA regulations
  2. Quick truck turnaround times
  3. Full Pennsylvania state accredited lab
  4. Documented waste tracking

Waste Management Recycling

Remember that we are a recycling and waste management company, which means we put recycling first. We are an industry leader when it comes to sustainability and knowing how to recycle waste materials and recover useful chemicals or repurpose products. While we will do whatever is necessary to responsibly dispose of your industrial waste, beneficial reuse solutions are our first priority.

Our disposal facility is also a first-class waste management recycling center, which means you can give us all of your industrial waste secure in the knowledge that anything that can be recycled, will be recycled. Your credibility as an environmentally responsible company will increase and you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and the effect of your company’s processes on the greater ecosystem.

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Waste Disposal and Waste Management Recycling Services

Waste Water Treatment

  • Chemical treatment process for the removal of oils, greases, solids, and metals for safe and compliant discharge

Single Stream Treatment

  • Custom designed treatment for high volume individual waste streams that are normally difficult to treat

Oil Recycling

  • Heating fuels
  • Crank Case, Machine Shop, Maintenance, Marine, and Industrial Oils


Landfill Transfer or FLIPs

  • Faster turnaround on approvals than direct to landfill
  • Contaminated soils
  • AST & UST spill management
  • Reduced labor and equipment expense

Containerized Waste Recycling & Disposal

  • Drums
  • Pails
  • Totes
  • Pallets
  • Cubic Yard Boxes
  • Super Sacs

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