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Chemical Waste Management Services

Whether your business is in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage, petroleum, research and development or any other business that can generate chemical waste, basic chemical waste management is a part of your process that you cannot ignore. Proper disposal of chemical waste is critical to your business, both to protect your environment and your community and to make sure you stay within compliance of government regulations.

ERC for Chemical Waste Disposal

As a leader in liquid waste disposal — including liquid chemical waste disposal, and other industrial waste management, ERC is equipped to help you manage your chemical waste disposal needs. Our industrial chemical waste disposal services include:

We have the tools, experience, equipment and resources to handle the disposal of all of these types of chemical waste and more. We have designed our chemical waste disposal methods with safety, efficiency and sustainability in mind. We are keenly aware of the effects that chemical waste has on the environment and always do our best to make sure as much waste as possible finds its way into landfills and to prevent toxic waste products from leaching into the ecosystem.

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We take chemical waste disposal as seriously as you do, which is why we have been a successful waste processor in the Mid-Atlantic region for decades. We are a turnkey solution to your chemical waste management who can collect, transport and dispose of all your chemical waste with minimal effort on your part. We manage your chemical waste so you can focus on growing and thriving in your business.

Relying on internal processes to handle your chemical waste is rarely the most efficient way to resolve the problem. Creating your own chemical waste processing infrastructure and hiring the people to run it can be costly, and if something goes wrong, it can blow back on the company. When you work with ERC, as soon as we arrive to collect your chemical waste, you can forget about it.

Contact ERC for Chemical Waste Disposal in PA, MD and Beyond

ERC is well-known throughout our home locations of Lancaster, PA, and Baltimore, MD, for our ability to reliably and efficiently manage liquid and bulk residual waste. We service PA and MD, as well as NY, NJ, DE, VA, WV and Washington, D.C. If your company generates chemical waste in any of these areas, we can will work out a custom waste disposal plan that suits your company’s size and budget.

If efficiency, sustainability and safety are important to you when it comes to disposing of your chemical waste, you have found your waste treatment company. We are happy to discuss our process with you further or to make arrangements to collect your chemical waste. To get started, just call us today at 1-833-342-5372 or get in touch with us online by submitting an inquiry form now.

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We are committed to providing turn-key, environmentally sound waste management solutions using the latest technologies to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

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