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Many different types of businesses thrive in Virginia and they produce many different types of industrial waste. But all of these companies need to find a way to dispose of that waste effectively and environmentally conscience. For too long, companies dumped waste into streams and rivers, landfills and swamps and anywhere where they could just forget about it, and the Earth has paid the price.

Fortunately, things are different today. Industry understands their effect on the environment and how important it is to mitigate that effect with, among other initiatives in Virginia, residual waste recycling and other responsible waste management solutions.

But disposing of waste in sustainable and respectful ways is a full-time business all its own, which is why many are turning to Virginia industrial waste management companies for help. If you are finding the options when it comes to Virginia residual waste removal companies to be somewhat lacking, we are happy to offer our services at ERC.

Choose ERC Instead of Other Virginia Residual Waste Companies

If you try to get local companies to provide your Virginia residual waste management services, you may have to run around finding one company that provides businesses in Virginia with waste transport services, another that actually disposes of waste, possibly still another for collecting your waste in the first place. ERC cuts through all the complications with a single turnkey solution to your industrial waste disposal needs.

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Although we got our start in Lancaster, PA, we now travel all over the Mid-Atlantic region, including most of Virginia, picking up waste and transporting it back to our Pennsylvania facility, where we safely and responsibly recycle or otherwise dispose of it. We provide businesses in Virginia with environmental waste services that always prioritize the ecosystem first.

You could try to dispose of your own industrial waste, but this is often a costly and time-consuming approach. You need to set up a facility to manage your waste safely and dedicate personnel to manage it. You also may need to obtain permits that allow you to handle waste disposal according to government regulations. By using ERC instead, you save yourself a tremendous amount of time and effort.

When we take your waste off your hands, you’ll know it’s taken care of, meaning you can concentrate on your actual business. We’re happy to work with you to come up with a plan that fits your company’s budget and your waste removal requirements. We work with virtually any industry with both large and small companies.

Contact ERC Today for Industrial Waste Removal Services in Virginia

With over 20 years of experience in industrial waste management and thousands of waste items disposed of annually, ERC has the knowledge and experience you need to be confident your waste is being disposed of safely. We’d love to talk with you more about how we can make your waste management issues a thing of the past.

Let’s get started today. Call us now at 1-833-342-5372 or submit our simple inquiry form online.

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We are committed to providing turn-key, environmentally sound waste management solutions using the latest technologies to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

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