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Commercial Waste Management Services in Maryland

Maryland Residual Waste Management

ERC serves Maryland and nearby states. Our Baltimore, MD, facility provides the resources necessary to expand our waste solutions to Maryland and beyond. We also have support from our original Lancaster, PA, facility, which is just hours away. Customers consider us one of the top Maryland residual waste removal and processing facilities because of our personalized approach and commitment to sustainability.

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Industrial Waste Removal in Maryland

Industrial processes often create hazardous waste materials and other substances that need careful disposal. Disposal methods need to be safe for the people in the area and the surrounding environment. At ERC, we develop an effective strategy for collecting, transporting, recycling and removing your industrial waste.

Our team focuses on efficiency, responsibility and cost-effectiveness. Our industrial waste removal in Maryland extends to many types of residual waste, including chemical waste, lab packing waste and more.

ERC of Maryland Residual Waste Management Services and More

At ERC, we can handle your waste disposal and recycling needs with a focus on customer satisfaction, efficiency and sustainability. Learn more about our Maryland waste solutions below.

Environmental, Commercial and Industrial Roll Off Dumpster Services in Maryland

ERC can manage your Environmental Roll Off needs whether it's contaminated soil from a tank removal or horizontal drill cuttings, utilizing our state certified laboratories, ERC can provide immediate flips to landfill without the lengthy approval processes.

We can also manage dumpster rentals for businesses and organizations in Maryland and nearby areas. Our commercial dumpster rentals have a simple pricing model with no hidden fees. Let us find the right dumpster and service model for the type of waste management you need.


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    Maryland Waste Transport Services

    Our fleet can haul bulk liquid and transport waste such as solid and containerized residual wastes to ensure compliance through proper handling and processing.

    We determine a transportation plan based on the amount and type of waste we need to move. Our team employs trains, tankers, barges, trucks and other vehicles to handle your waste with care.

    Maryland Residual Waste Recycling and Removal Services

    As part of our services, you can bundle removal, disposal and recycling to get the most out of your waste management. We’ll work with you to build company sustainability and efficiency goals. Our team will then develop a solution that allows you to achieve those goals.

    We account for all local, state and federal waste removal laws to protect your community and environment. Our waste removal services in Maryland include a wide range of waste types, from wastewater to oil recycling.

    Containerized Waste

    We specialize in handling residual containerized waste and processing in compliance with the law. Let us pick up and dispose of waste, then recycle containers such as 55-gallon drums on your behalf. Our services comply with EPA regulations in addition to local, state and federal standards to ensure safety and sustainability.

    Our team can handle jobs of all sizes, from one drum to 1,000. With our facilities, we handle every step in the process, cutting out the middleman and saving you money. When you need commercial waste management in Maryland, ERC makes it accessible.

    Maryland Liquid Waste Disposal

    Waste management can be challenging when your operation produces significant amounts of liquid waste. At ERC, our commercial waste disposal in Maryland includes liquid waste disposal for substances like sludge wastewater, acid mine wastewater, machinery wastewater and more.

    Our team helps you develop a wastewater removal plan, and we handle every step with the utmost efficiency. ERC processes ensure safety for the community and environment while complying with government regulations.

    Maryland Environmental Waste Services

    When you need to clean an environment of industrial waste, our team can scale the right services to your needs. We can handle small jobs such as tank cleanings and larger tasks like full facility shutdowns. In addition, our technicians have comprehensive OSHA training and can manage non-hazardous and hazardous waste.

    Industries We Serve

    Waste removal needs extend to several industries. Some sectors ERC most commonly serves include:

    • Manufacturing: Whether you manufacture chemicals or cosmetics, your business creates waste that needs to be disposed of responsibly. ERC can handle your various needs, including facility shutdown, oil recovery and recycling, containerized waste handling and more.
    • Construction: Construction comes with building waste, like HVAC waste, remaining roof materials and demolition waste. Regardless of your project’s size, you can produce significant waste at a single job site. ERC will develop an environmentally responsible plan for transportation and disposal.
    • Pharmaceuticals: Government regulations play a large role in pharmaceutical operations, and it can be challenging to align with them in your waste management. Our team will create a detailed plan addressing your waste removal needs with complete compliance.
    • Oil and gas: This industry creates sludge, tank waste, hazardous materials and soil contamination. With our designated disposal site, we can handle waste materials and remediate soil for a safer, more environmentally friendly operation.
    • Marine: Developing waste by a body of water can be challenging to confront. You need a thorough containment method, dependable transportation and a safe disposal location. At ERC, we develop a comprehensive plan for your waste removal, so you can return to working on the water with zero waste onboard.

    If your operation falls under any of these categories, get in touch with ERC for waste removal services in Maryland.

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    As one of Maryland’s leading industrial waste management companies, we can handle any task you require. We’ll provide custom solutions that fit into your existing workflow. Thanks to our focus on customer satisfaction and sustainability, we have services that can improve your operations and efficiency. When you request our services, you’ll soon see why clients across the Mid-Atlantic count on us. You can contact our Maryland team online for more information about our solutions.

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    ERC Promise

    We are committed to providing turn-key, environmentally sound waste management solutions using the latest technologies to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

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