When the weather outside is frightful, ERC encourages customers to keep safety in mind! Inclement weather conditions such as snowstorms, freezing rain, and high winds can impact waste collection pickup. Follow these waste collection tips to ensure safe and efficient pickup at your business site.

waste collection during winter storm

Clear Pickup Paths

Please provide a clear, safe path for ERC personnel and trucks to access drums, tanks, and roll off dumpsters. Account for approach and turning radius for larger truck access. Make sure snow does not block access to dumpsters, loading docks, and driveways. Salt the ground leading up to and surrounding the path.

Place drums and other containerized wastes next to snow banks, rather than behind them. Do not leave dumpsters and containerized wastes buried under snow, if you are able to safely shovel them out.

Make Space

In extreme cold, waste can freeze and rupture containers. Leave space in drums and plastic containers to allow for expansion if waste does freeze.

Put a Lid On It

Be sure to close dumpster and containerized waste lids prior to snow and rain storms. Wet items can freeze in your dumpsters in winter weather. This makes it difficult to empty your frozen dumpsters, allowing waste to accumulate.

In addition, be sure to check for cracks in container lids.

Defrost Fences and Gates

If your trash containers are surrounded by a fence or corral, note that door pins can freeze. Placing salt around pins can help prevent this.

Follow the Weather

In some weather conditions and winter emergencies, trash and recycling might not be collected at usual times. For any property that ERC is not able to collect, double the normal volume will be collected on the next regularly scheduled collection day. For collection info during inclement weather, call our main offices.

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Contact ERC for Winter Compliance Questions

Unsure of how to dispose of antifreeze and other chemicals frequently used in winter? Contact ERC to establish a safe pickup plan to keep your business in compliance with EPA regulations.