Lancaster, PA (September 9, 2015) – ERC is known for its gigantic red trucks, but there is something at the heart of ERC’s business that most Pennsylvanians probably don’t know.

ERC is the largest residual waste processing facility in the Mid-Atlantic Region, handling millions of gallons of residual waste every year.

“We’re in waste, but ERC’s big end goal is to have zero waste end up in landfills, and that’s because we want to help make this world a better place,” said Kevin Rohrbach, VP of Sales and Marketing at ERC. “Charity has always been a huge part of ERC’s spirit, and we love fun events that get the public involved.”

The cause – helping children – is especially poignant to ERC.

Since its inception in Lancaster in 1988, ERC has always been a family company. So when Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center needed help for its Rubber Duckie Race, ERC was happy to lend a hand. “We’ve got a ton of families in this company, and we’ll always do anything we can for kids,” said Rohrbach.

Providing port-a-potties to the charity event is a welcome break from ERC’s usual tasks: creating money-saving waste management systems, transporting waste in compliance with regulations, or developing food waste recycling programs.

About ERC

Environmental Recovery Corporation (ERC) is a private, family-owned business providing a number of waste-related services to the mid-Atlantic region. Its largest arm is its waste-processing facility, managing a wide variety of non-hazardous waste materials. Starting in 2014, it expanded into food waste recycling and diverted 73.4 tons of food waste for Franklin & Marshall college within the first year. That program continues to thrive, and ERC specializes in setting up new systems for schools, restaurants, and corporate cafeterias.


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