There is a certain level of stress involved when a small or medium sized business creates waste. If you don’t have a full time EH&S manager, it can be a daunting task to find a way to dispose of containerized waste accumulating in your machine shop, warehouse, or maintenance garage.  There are a variety of rules and regulations that must be followed to safely transport and dispose of these materials.  Most importantly, it must be done now and as cost effective as possible.  It’s been there accumulating for months, and no one knows how or wants to deal with it.

ERC has the containerized waste service that businesses count on. ERC makes it easy with one call, one vendor, and one bill.

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Containerized Waste Disposal Service

The Process

ERC will work with each generator to determine an inventory list including providing onsite sampling, labeling, and overpak services.  Once the inventory is determined, ERC will schedule transportation on a direct or less than load run.  ERC will provide the labels and manifests for the shipment.

What is less than load?

Less than load means that a generator does not have enough waste to fill an entire truck.  ERC solves this problem by creating a milk run that spreads the transportation cost across multiple generators.  ERC logistics experts will build a route that maximizes the efficiency and volume on the truck saving you hundreds of dollars while still meeting your deadline.

What if I have a full load?

Don’t worry, ERC as a fleet of box trucks, tractors, pup trailers, and van trailers to pickup containerized wastes from loading docks, urban and rural locations, and from ground level.


Our fully permitted disposal facility is audited regularly to ensure compliance, so you know you can count on us to handle your waste properly.

Minimizing Risk

ERC carries an insurance policy that has a $10,000,000 umbrella that gives our customers the peace of mind that ERC has the financial wherewithal to protect our clients from risk and the unexpected.  You can find our certificate of liability insurance on our website under permits and forms.

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