For the majority of industrial or manufacturing plant administrators, the two weeks of a site outage are more stressful than any other period throughout the year. However, that facility shutdown serves a crucial purpose: industrial outages allow for the necessary manufacturing plant cleaning to occur.

Most manufacturing plants choose to partner with a waste disposal company to facilitate manufacturing plant cleaning. Choosing the right company can create a successful, less hectic experience. Learn how the skills, processes, and resources of ERC make manufacturing plant cleaning easier and more cost effective.

Benefits of a Manufacturing Plant Cleaning with ERC

While some degree of manufacturing plant cleaning can occur during operation, a sustained period outage is necessary to truly mitigate all environmental waste and clean the equipment.

Performing this maintenance as quickly as possible, without complication, and in an environmentally responsible manner is the objective. ERC makes that a reality. When ERC handles your manufacturing plant cleaning, they provide both the professional equipment and experienced labor.

Here are the benefits of teaming with ERC for Manufacturing Plant Cleaning:

ERC Certifications

One of the primary reasons to hire a professional industrial cleaning company is to perform tasks that in-house maintenance cannot do. ERC possesses certifications crediting that our technicians have the ability to safely handle advanced industrial cleaning tasks.

ERC certifications include:

  • HAZwoper certification
  • Confined space entry certification


The ERC Resources

While an in-house maintenance crew can perform some actions needed during outage cleaning, they don’t possess the heavy equipment exclusive to an environmental recovery company. ERC employs a fleet of vacuum and disposal trucks to perform the heavy lifting of an industrial cleanup. That impressive investment in cleanup equipment is one of the major factors that separates ERC from competitors.

ERC also operates the largest waste disposal and recycling facility on the east coast. That means the waste removed from the facility is processed directly by ERC—no middleman.

 The Environmental Benefit

ERC also distinguishes itself from competitors by evaluating waste for alternate disposal during the cleaning. This allows ERC to devise alternate disposal methods for waste extracted during an outage cleaning.  Whenever possible, ERC will provide alternative waste treatment options to offset the environmental impact.

The Right Price

Working with ERC for your outage cleaning almost always yields a lower price. The innovative waste disposal solutions ERC finds don’t simply reduce environmental impact, they often save you money.

Additionally, since we own the trucks and the processing facility, we cut out the middleman, meaning you save on the service.

The Track Record

We, at ERC, have several decades of experience in our field. That means we are more likely to have experience with a job like yours—and have a track record of success.

The ERC Convenience factor

As is the case with all ERC projects, you make one call, work with one vendor, and receive one invoice. Since we handle all aspects of the project, from removal to processing, we streamline the process for you. When you team with ERC, you make the outage process easier—simple as that.

Contact an experienced ERC project manager to discuss your plant cleaning.