Lancaster, PA (July 29, 2014) ERC, one of the largest residual waste-processing facilities in the mid-Atlantic region, headquartered in Lancaster, PA, announces the expansion of its product offering to include Air Lance Excavation. The new service aligns with ERC’s strategic goals to increase its offering, and provide turn-key solutions for its clients.

The Air Lance Excavation equipment uses compressed air to produce a high-speed laser like jet to break up soil and aid in rapid digging. It is paired with a powerful vacuum that simultaneously removes soil, gravel, sand and small rocks from the dig site.  The equipment provides a safe alternative to traditional soil-excavation methods that may puncture, or damage sensitive underground utilities.

ERC’s new Air Lance Excavation equipment is ideal for small diameter, deep excavation projects/jobs, and trenches where large excavation equipment may not be safe or practical. The new service is an environmentally sound and economical alternative to the more expensive hydro excavation, which utilizes up to 8-10 gallons of water per minute, potentially producing pollution due to runoff. In addition, hydro excavation generates a large amount of mud, which creates a time-consuming cleanup process, and costly removal.

“As a company we strive to provide excellent and professional services to our clients while remaining focused on safety and sustainability. We believe the Air Lance technology provides our clients with a safe and environmentally friendly excavation solution,” said Ken Lefever, President of ERC.

ERC’s Air Lance Excavation equipment recently removed 10,300 cubic feet of material for an excavation project around main gas lines at an active natural gas fired power plant, operated by a major Pennsylvania utility company. The excavation team used the Air Lance Excavation to expose a 5’ deep x 5’ wide x 50’ long area around several sensitive wires. The Air Lance Excavation was able to safely uncover a total of seven unmarked, unidentified lines.

“The equipment and personnel provided by ERC were by far the most efficient and professional we’ve worked with. The project was very difficult, with excavation around active gas mains and sanitary sewer lines, ERC adhered to all personal protective & safety requirements, and finished the dig ahead of schedule and under budget,” said Kevin John, General Manager of EnviroAir Technologies.

ERC collects and properly processes and recycles non-hazardous waste materials and liquids, and is one of the leading providers of environmental, industrial, and residual waste services in the mid-Atlantic region. ERC is dedicated to providing superior services to a wide variety of industrial clients including, utilities, construction, manufacturing, and waste management.