Comprehensive federal infrastructure legislation has led to a construction boom in 2018. For commercial builders, the financial bottom line on a project separates success from failure. Necessary through the entirety of the project, construction waste disposal is a crucial expense. Make construction waste disposal a part of your project plan from the very start.

By The Numbers:

  • Construction will surge by 4.8% in 2018
  • Site waste disposal impacts your bottom line
  • ERC can help you earn LEED credits through construction site waste disposal

Supported by record-high spending stats in late 2017, construction is expected to surge by 4.8% in 2018, reports Construction Dive. Residential construction should grow at a moderate pace driven by low-interest rates, healthy job creation, and low debt service ratios. Expect this economic trend to trickle down to disposal services.

An uptick in construction-related activity naturally leads to the need for on-site waste management. Aside from discarding material, construction leads to contaminated soils, sludges, and slurries that must be treated to meet environmental compliance standards. In addition, increased construction leads to more exploratory dig waste including soils, groundwater, and sludge.

For commercial builders, construction waste disposal is a crucial expense when it comes to the financial bottom line. Learn how ERC can help you earn LEED credits and slash costs on your construction disposal process.

ERC Construction Waste Services:

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