A lot of thought goes into planning any event, whether it’s a wedding, a marathon, music festival, or any large gathering of people. There are a number of decisions that organizers need to make and a crucial one is figuring out how many portable toilets do I need? This number is important because too many portable toilets can be a drain on your budget and too few can be a downright disaster.

After years of experience, the experts at ERC have a method to determining the correct number of portable toilets that will make your event a success.

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How Many Portable Toilets Do I Need

When beginning to figure out approximately how many portable toilets your event will need, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • How long will I need the toilets?
  • How many people am I expecting at this event?
  • Will this event have a higher percentage of women to men?
  • What food or drinks will be served at this event – if any?

By determining these answers or at least coming up with your best guess, you can begin to plan for how many toilets you’ll need.

Under normal conditions, most people will use portable toilets once about every four hours. One portable toilet should be able to serve around 50 people for events under 5 hours long. However, if you are hosting an event where food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages will be served, the usage is likely to increase by 30-40%. If your event is likely to have a higher woman to man ratio, you should also increase the number of toilets you rent. Generally speaking, women utilize portable toilets more frequently than men do.When deciding how many portable toilets do I need don't forget handicap accessible toilets

Time is an important factor in this process as well. If you have an event with 50 people that only lasts an hour, one portable toilet should suffice. However, if the event lasts for five hours or more, two portable toilets will better serve your needs.

Handicap Accessible Toilets

When planning your event, it is important to make sure that you have toilets that are handicap accessible as well. Under section 4.1.2(6) of the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, at least five percent of single user portable toilets clustered in a single location for a public event must be handicap accessible so be sure you have ADA compliant toilets.

A good rule of thumb to follow is that you should add one Handicap Accessible portable toilet for every 20 people, or a minimum of one for events that are open to the public.

Wash Stations, Hand Sanitizer Units, and Service Cleanings

After you determine how many portable toilets you’ll need, consider if you’ll need wash stations or hand sanitizer units for your event and if you want service cleanings. Wash stations are stand-alone sinks that guests can use once they are done using the portable toilets. They add an extra level of service and cleanliness to the experience – this is an especially important feature for events where food is being served. A hand sanitizer unit is a dispenser for hand sanitizer that can either be mounted inside the portable toilet or as a stand to be placed outside the units similar to a washing station.

Service cleanings are another additional feature you should consider. For an additional fee, we will come and clean and sanitize the portable toilets at during the event. That service includes refilling the toilet paper rolls and adding a new deodorizer. Service cleanings are ideal for longer events where the toilets will be used by a large number of guests.

Determining the value wash stations and service cleanings can add to your event is important to consider when budgeting for your portable toilet rentals.

Want an Expert Opinion?

If you’re still not sure how many portable toilets you need – the experts at ERC can help. We offer fair and reliable free consultations. When you contact us, we’ll ask questions about your job or event and give our expert opinion on the number of toilets you need. Call an ERC expert and we will answer your questions today.

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