Is a food waste recycling program right for your business? You might be surprised to learn that the path to greener dining – and a significant reduction in waste collection costs – is smoother than you think.

food waste recycling program

1. What is the benefit of creating a Food Waste Recycling Program?

A food waste recycling program won’t just make your operation greener. It will significantly cut down on waste collection costs, too. In some cases, food waste recycling can divert seven tons of waste per month and reduce waste disposal costs by 30%.

Today, many business strive to be zero landfill – and with good reason. Not only does this initiative signify environmental friendliness, but it eliminates inefficiencies in your waste stream recycling process. In short, zero landfill gets down to the nitty gritty of every waste stream – food scraps included.

Many companies seek out consultants to advise them on what steps to take toward establishing a food waste initiative or achieving zero landfill. But what if a solution existed to not only advise your company on sustainable practices, but implement and service them as well? By understanding how your business produces waste, ERC provides customized programs targeted at maximizing recycling opportunities, right-sizing inefficient service levels, and driving costs out of your operation. We handle everything from initial assessment to weekly waste pick-up.

2. I’m interested in creating a Food Waste Recycling Program. What’s the first step?

Many companies don’t know where to start – and that’s okay. A reputable food waste recycling service will perform a walk-through of your facility to gauge how you are currently handling waste diversion. Count on a waste management provider to evaluate the following:

  • Your organization’s sustainability goals
  • The volume of waste produced at your facility
  • Your facility’s indoor and outdoor space
  • The type of food, liquid, and related materials produced by your operation
  • All food-related paper products (paper cups, napkins, plates, towels, milk and juice cartons)
  • All food-related accessories (cardboard, decorative floral items, wooden stirrers)

You might be surprised by the amount of items you thought you couldn’t recycle. Unlike traditional compost, ERC’s system can collect waste like animal meat and bones. Our compost process heats waste to a temperature that kills all bacteria.

If you’re interested in a food waste program evaluation, ERC provides their initial walk-through free-of-charge. Contact us today to schedule your free assessment.

3. What type of organizations, industries, and facilities can benefit most from a Food Waste Recycling Program?

The list of industries benefiting from food waste recycling is quite broad. Chances are, if your facility has a cafeteria, you are bound to see cost savings from a reduction in landfill-bound waste.

While composting has existed for centuries, the idea of establishing a sophisticated food waste recycling program has only gained traction in recent years. The following is just a sampling of programs that have benefitted from food waste recycling programs:

  • Corporate headquarters
  • Food manufacturers
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Restaurants
  • Retail environments
  • Schools and universities
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Warehouses

Your business isn’t the only one that benefits. Diverted food waste can be turned into clean odor-free compost which is used for landscaping, soil enrichment, and erosion control. Learn how one college is providing compost to a neighboring organic farm.

4. What is the time frame to propose, design, and implement a Food Waste Recycling Program?

The process to implement a food waste program is faster than you think. In general, your initial walk-through assessment will take only one day. From there, a waste management provider can create a program in as little as 30 days.

ERC can develop a customized food waste program for you – from kitchen to curbside – including onsite training for your staff. We’ve even trained a cafeteria staff of up to 300 people. In addition to evaluating your facility and creating a program, ERC can supply your facility with the correct sized toters (waste bins) to suit your facility’s unique needs. Our waste collection services take care to clean any liquid or loose debris.

For fast, full-service management of a food waste recycling program, reach out to ERC today.

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