There’s no time like April to think about Spring Cleaning. The same goes for your manufacturing facility! As the largest residual waste processing facility in the mid-Atlantic region, ERC has helped countless job sites properly clean out facilities — both temporarily (clean-out) and permanently (closure).

While the idea of closing operations to clean feels daunting, keep this in mind: Clean facilities reflect compliance, consistency, and responsible leadership. On top of that, a clean facility helps ensure safety and smooth production. Even the smallest bit of debris — dust, adhesive inventory labels, oil drips– can accumulate over time and cause serious damage to equipment, delay production, and violate OSHA and EPA regulations.

ERC Facility Clean-Out Program

While some plant cleaning can occur during manufacturing operations, a sustained outage is necessary to effectively clear potentially hazardous waste and sanitize equipment.

ERC provides fast, effective cleanup services for your industrial manufacturing buildings. Gain peace of mind knowing that ERC follows EPA cleanup regulations in facilities containing hazardous substances, pollutants, and contaminants.

ERC Facility Cleanup Services Include:


ERC handles manufacturing waste.

Facility Clean-Out Factors to Consider

Alert your supply chain: Closing a facility can disrupt suppliers, distributors, and customers widely. Provide timely notice to any parties that rely on you as a supplier or component of a supply chain. If it is absolutely essential to remain in operation 24/7, ERC is happy to provide a custom clean-Out solution to help operations run smoothly.

Insurance and liability:  When it comes to facility clean-out, don’t cut corners and rely on traditional in-house janitorial services. ERC possesses certifications crediting that our technicians have the ability to safely handle advanced industrial cleaning tasks. ERC certifications include: HAZwoper certification and Confined Space Entry certification.

ERC also operates the largest waste disposal and recycling facility on the east coast. That means the waste removed from the facility is processed directly by ERC—no middleman. Contact one vendor to clean, remove, and dispose of waste from your facility. ERC makes the outage process easier!

ERC Facility Closure Services

Are you moving to a new site or closing an existing facility? Contact ERC to ensure your site is cleaned and closed in accordance with EPA hazardous waste regulations.

When a hazardous waste management unit stops receiving waste at the end of its active life, it must be cleaned, closed, monitored, and maintained in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) closure and post-closure care requirements. All hazardous waste management units and the treatment, storage, and disposal facilities where they are located are subject to closure and post-closure care requirements.

ERC Facility Closure Services Include:

  • Removing and properly managing all wastes and waste residues from the closing unit.
  • Removing and properly managing the unit structure and all associated piping, equipment, containment areas, and any other materials used in construction or operation of the unit.
  • Decontamination of materials.
  • Removing and properly managing any environmental media (soil, groundwater, surface water, and sediments) affected by releases from the unit.

As with facility closure services, ERC technicians have advanced certification to handle hazardous waste. And you can count on ERC to provide the most environmentally sound solution when it comes to closures and clean-outs. Whenever possible, ERC will provide alternative waste treatment options to offset the environmental impact. Operate with peace of mind knowing that it only takes one call, one vendor, and one invoice to keep your manufacturing facility clean and compliant.