Lancaster, PA December 15, 2017 — ERC Expands operations in new containerized waste transfer building

ERC purchased a former laundry building adjacent to the solidification processing area in June of 2016. In December of 2017, the DEP granted a transfer station permit for the property and then transferred to the adjacent fully-permitted waste processing facility owned and operated by ERC.

The new facility and permit includes 9,400 square feet of processing space, receiving capacity of 1,000 drums per day, 2 loading docks, and a liquid recycling station. The building will provide a safer working environment for employees by moving the containerized waste operation indoors, improve operational efficiencies, and increases daily limits on incoming waste volumes.

Drums containing treatable wastewater and oil will be vacuumed into the white tanks before transfer to ERC’s permitted pre-treatment facility next door.

Solids and sludges will be vacuumed into the sealed roll-off box and transferred next door to ERC’s permitted solidification area before ultimate disposal in a permitted landfill or waste to energy facility.

“The new building and permit is a big win for our customers and employees. ERC is committed to the safety of our employees. The new building moves our containerized waste operation indoors and out of the weather elements and also reduces the foot and truck traffic in the solidification area. The new building is the first step in our continual goal to improve our offloading times while keeping safety at the forefront of our daily operations.” – Ken Lefever, President.

For more information contact:
Kevin Rohrbach, VP of Sales & Marketing