For commercial builders, the financial bottom line on a project separates success from failure. Necessary throughout the entirety of the project, construction waste disposal is a crucial expense.

However, by making environmentally responsible choices with your construction site waste disposal—and by partnering with an experienced construction waste management company—you can earn LEED credits which can save you money on your construction project.

While a variety of different LEED credits are available throughout every phase of construction, earning LEED credits through construction site waste disposal is often overlooked.

Here are the five reasons ERC is the construction waste disposal partner you need if you’re seeking LEED certification.

Five Benefits of ERC Partnership

A typical construction site waste company drops off a few dumpsters at your site and calls it a day. ERC is not the typical waste management company.

Throughout the planning, execution, and reporting of your project, ERC provides opportunities to earn LEED credits through waste disposal.

1) ERC segregates waste materials

ERC provides multiple receptacles to conveniently separate construction waste. This allows for easier reporting and more convenient recycling initiatives.

2) ERC enacts different plans for different types of materials

While some waste is headed for the landfill, ERC coordinates different disposal methods for different waste types. The ultimate goal of this is to limit the amount of waste taking up space in the landfill.

3) ERC calculates the percentage of diversion rate

By diverting the amount of waste to end up in the landfill, ERC creates a better diversion rate for your project, one of the major LEED credit opportunities. In addition, we automatically calculate diversion rate—making the LEED application process even easier.

4) ERC provides unique, “green” solutions

ERC uses our decades of experience in waste disposal to create unique solutions for your construction waste.

5) ERC provides meticulous documentation for reporting

One of the most overlooked steps of earning LEED credits is providing proper documentation. ERC provides in-depth documentation of our waste disposal, which makes the LEED credit application process more streamlined.

Contact an experienced ERC project manager to discuss your construction site waste.