When you consider everything you want from a portable toilet rental service, cleanliness should always be at the top of the list. You can feel confident that you’ll receive clean portable toilet rentals when you work with ERC. No matter the occasion, we keep our toilets fresh.

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Clean Portable Toilet Rentals

ERC employs a thorough cleaning process conducted by our seasoned experts. From set up to clean up, we have a tried and true process that you can trust. Find out why ERC is the preferred choice for clean portable toilet rentals.

Delivery and Set Up

The ERC sanitation process begins before the toilets ever arrive at your site or event. Our already clean portable toilets are delivered by truck completely empty. Once our experts work with you to find the perfect location, the toilets undergo another cleaning.

Every toilet is hosed down and sanitized after being set up. We then place non-hazardous, biodegradable deodorizers in every toilet. The deodorizers help keep the toilets clean and minimize odor throughout the use of the toilets.

Service Cleanings

Our standard cleaning service assures that our portable toilets are clean for any event. However, what happens when you have a longer event or an event that is expected to have a high volume of guests using the toilets? In order to keep the toilets clean for the whole event, we offer the option for service cleanings.ERC provides a variety of clean portable toilet rental options

For an additional fee, we will come and clean and sanitize the portable toilets during the event. That service includes refilling the toilet paper rolls and adding new deodorizer.

No Mess Left Behind

Our dedication to providing you with a clean and professional experience lasts throughout the whole experience.  When you are done with your portable toilets, the ERC experts come in and remove them – no muss, no fuss!

The toilet tanks are drained with no left behind mess to deal with. Every toilet is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized so they are as clean for the next customer as they were for you.

See For Yourself

Trust ERC portable toilets for your next event. Whether you’re starting a construction project or planning your wedding reception – we have the portable toilet that’s right for you. Learn more about ERC portable toilets and see for yourself. Ready for us to help you find the right portable toilet for your event? Request a free quote or call an ERC expert today.