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Standard Steel

Standard Steel is the largest manufacturer of forged steel wheels and axles for railcars and locomotives. ERC provides field service during all scheduled manufacturing shutdowns and also handles various cleanup and recycling services on an as-needed basis. Standard Steel has hired ERC for over 8 continuous years, citing dependability, thoroughness, and care rarely found in this industry.

How ERC Helped:

  • field service
  • vacuum truck services
  • bulk liquid transport
  • wastewater treatment
  • bulk liquid processing
  • sludge solidification
  • solid hazardous waste roll-off

ERC Services Implemented

Sustainable Waste Transportation Services
Waste Disposal and Waste Management Recycling Services


  • 8+

    Years Working with ERC.

  • 1

    One-stop Shop. ERC gets the job done more thoroughly with fewer people in less time.

  • $$$

    ERC saves me time which means I can keep working.

"I want to get the job done and done right the first time. ERC has provided me that kind of service.” – Dale Stehley


ERC started working with Standard Steel 8 years ago, providing field service during shutdowns. Dale Stehly, Environmental Engineer at Standard Steel, says, “They will truly polish these machines, and they’re committed to doing work completely and correctly. Also, when ERC is done with cleanup, the job site is clean and the surrounding area even looks great. We don't see that level of care and detail with other companies.”


Standard Steel’s maintenance team continues to expand the scope of ERC’s role, adding tasks previously handled in-house. Dale credits this to ERC’s efficient, ultra-clean service, stating, “Our maintenance people are asking more and more of the field services group when it comes to shutdowns. The window of time that we have shrank, but we still need to get the same amount of work done. ERC’s drivers participating and assisting helps the rest of the field service people get a large amount of work done.”


ERC is now the immediate go-to in any cleanup emergency or any new recyclable need. “We have come to really rely on them when it comes to cleanups in difficult situations. It's at a point now when we just say, ‘Here's what we need,’ and whether or not we know they provide that service, they have come through every single time."

The work that ERC does, in my personal opinion, is leaps and bounds beyond what other companies provided in the past. The entire engineering team in general has been impressed. The maintenance team has been very impressed, too. I was unaware of some of the work ERC was capable of doing. For example, I now know they do lab packs, and I don't care to spend five hours cataloging bottles in drums. The next time that situation comes up, I will be calling them.
Dale Stehley
Environmental Engineer, Standard Steel

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