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Good ‘N Plenty

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Good ‘N Plenty is a family-style restaurant located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, serving unique Pennsylvania Dutch food. It serves 600-700 customers daily and as many as 2,700 on a holiday. Most of the waste is post-consumer because of the nature of the business. “Once food goes out [to the customers] we must throw what’s left away,” says Jeff Graham, General Manager. Customers would often ask what became of the wasted food.

ERC Services Implemented

Good ‘N Plenty


  • 1

    First restaurant to participate in the ERC organic food waste diversion program

  • 100%

    Amount of organic food waste now being diverted by Good 'N Plenty

  • 30%

    By diverting the waste, disposal costs were reduced by 30%

“Good ‘N Plenty has been extremely proactive in ensuring that the organic waste recycling program works by involving everyone in their business and establishing internal procedures that make it easy to accomplish their diversion goals.” – C.J. Filak, Account Executive, ERC


In 2013, ERC added Good ‘N Plenty to its list of customers. They are the first restaurant to participate in ERC’s organic food waste diversion program. Prior to that, Good ‘N Plenty was using a disposal service that was nearly double the cost. Good ‘N Plenty wanted to be good environmental stewards and have the food waste turned into something viable like a soil amendment. By diverting wastes from the landfill, ERC is saving Good ‘N Plenty money and benefiting the environment.


Good ‘N Plenty has been an ERC customer since 2013. Employees identify and sort the waste that is acceptable for the organic waste recycling program. ERC picks up the pre- and post-consumer waste twice a week with no interruption. Good ‘N Plenty is now diverting almost 100% of the organic food waste to composting. It is on track for 2015 to divert more than 85 tons. They have been pleased with the program that eliminates food waste, saves money and protects the environment.


Today, when customers of Good ‘N Plenty ask what happens to the wasted food, their employees are happy to explain that a new diversion program is in place so the wasted food is turned into usable compost.

It’s not only a dollar savings for us, it is a much better option for the environment.
Jeff Graham
Good 'N Plenty, General Manager

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