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Food Waste Recycling

Franklin & Marshall College

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Franklin & Marshall College is an undergraduate liberal arts school in Lancaster, PA.

ERC teamed up with Franklin & Marshall College to create the only food waste recycling program in the region. The program is quickly morphing from a pre-consumer to post-consumer program, growing the school’s environmental sustainability program by leaps and bounds.


ERC Services Implemented

Franklin & Marshall College


  • 1

    Only food waste recycling program in the region

  • 3

    In 3 months, ERC designed and implemented a full waste recovery and recycling system, including thorough staff training

  • 7 tons

    ERC diverted 7 tons of organic/food waste in just 2 months

It’s a brand new way of recycling in this area, and we’re trying to make an impact. –CJ Filak, ERC


Franklin & Marshall College prioritizes environmental sustainability, but there were no food waste recycling programs in the region.


In Fall 2013, ERC developed a novel new program from the ground up, setting up all facilities necessary and training F&M’s kitchen staff on best practices for execution. The first phase included only pre-consumer waste (kitchen scraps), and an astounding 7 tons has been collected in just a few months. ERC initially picked up organic waste once a week, and now they are up to twice as the program becomes even more efficient. ERC is building a route in the region with other organizations.


Franklin & Marshall has been so pleased, they are expanding the program to also include post-consumer waste (plated but uneaten food). This has included an awareness campaign to students, which has ERC’s full support and participation. In addition to the tangible effect of significantly less landfill waste, it also sparks recycling and sustainability awareness in the student body.

This program directly lowers their trash bill and instead of that waste ending up in the landfill, it goes to Oregon Dairy Organics, so it all goes back to the earth. Everybody wins. Our top-notch drivers are proactive and helpful, too, cleaning up free liquids that spill out and taking care of loose debris. ERC never leaves a mess.
CJ Filak
Account Executive, ERC

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