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Pharmaceutical Waste Services

As a manager in the pharmaceutical industry, how you handle your pharmacy waste disposal is crucial. Your method must be sure to be in compliance with every pharmaceutical waste regulation imposed by the government both on the local/state and federal level.

It must be safe, effective and not create undue stress on your current operations.

How ERC Can Manage All Your Pharmaceutical and Medication Waste Management

Other pharmaceutical waste disposal companies do not have the experience or resources that ERC does. As one of the largest industrial waste processors in the Mid-Atlantic region with an over 20-year history of sustainable, responsible industrial waste recycling and disposal, ERC is a company that you can trust for your pharmaceutical and medicine waste management.

We are a full-service pharmaceutical waste management company who can provide responsible disposal of everything from pharmaceutical wastewater and pharmaceutical waste bins to controlled and residual drug waste and non-controlled/non-residual prescription drug waste.

When it comes to Pharmaceutical waste services, ERC keeps you compliant by providing documented tracking from pickup to disposal (cradle-to-grave). We work with you to ensure your pharmaceutical waste is properly disposed of using certified destruction and disposal methods.

Pharmaceutical Waste Services Services

Containerized Wastes – We recycle and dispose of more than 60,000 containerized waste items every year.

Waste-to-Energy – If you have pharmaceutical waste that can be incinerated, we can safely transport it to the right waste-to-energy plant.

Secure Destruction – We understand that you may work with confidential materials in your pharmaceutical business, which can include some of your waste products. We have methods of disposing of your waste in a confidential manner to protect your proprietary information.

Lab Packing – Lab packing, or the collection of smaller containers of chemical waste in larger bins, is a type of waste we are very familiar with and dispose of frequently.

Bulk Liquid & Sludges -- We have decades of experience efficiently disposing of all types of liquid waste and sludge.

Industrial Cleaning – Cleaning your facility can produce a great deal of waste. We can deal with it for you.

Tank Management Services – Cleaning tanks regularly is vital to preserve the integrity of your products. Our experts can make sure your tank waste is thoroughly cleaned and disposed of.

Facility Shutdown – If you need to shut down your facility for maintenance, you want to get it back up and running as soon as possible. We can quickly dispose of the industrial waste from your facility shutdown cleaning so you can get back online fast.

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As a pharmaceutical company, your mission is to create drugs and medicines that improve or even save lives. The reality is that researching, developing and manufacturing these critical medicines can create waste that can have hazardous effects on the environment and any people that may come into contact with them. Even non-toxic by-products can harm the eco-system.

Because ERC will take control of your waste from pickup to disposal, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that once it leaves your facility, it will be disposed of safely. We always make every effort to dispose of industrial waste, liquid or solid, hazardous or non-hazardous, in the most environmentally way possible, recycling and repurposing when we can and destroying safely when recycling is not an option.

ERC Promise

We are committed to providing turn-key, environmentally sound waste management solutions using the latest technologies to help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

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