a processing machine that provides customized treatment solution

Processing Building – Customized Treatment Solution

First, all vehicles are required to pass through a radiation monitor which tests for radioactive contaminants.

When the hauler is cleared, the truck continues to the staging area for processing. All drivers are logged in with the trucking manifest. An ERC employee takes a composite sample from the truck to the lab for testing. After lab approval, the truck is taken to the pump station where each load is processed.

After testing, we determine the best process:

The non-hazardous fluids will be pumped into a pre-treatment tank, oil storage tank or water treatment tank where all fluids are filtered.

In approximately 24 hours, treatable water will move through the entire unloading, separation and process.

Untreatable or emulsions are irrigated into a pre-treatment tank where heat and chemicals are introduced to break the emulsion, and then cycled through the treatment  process.

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