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Waste Management

Growing to Serve a More Sustainable World

No matter your industry, your company generates waste. It could be small amounts, massive amounts, hazardous, solid or liquid. Regardless of the type of waste, it needs to be disposed of in a safe, reliable, and sustainable manner. ERC can help!

At ERC, our state of the art of waste recycling and disposal facility meets or exceeds local, state, and federal regulations and provides a variety of options covering all your sustainability needs. You can trust us to provide streamlined and cost-effective waste recycling and disposal services that put your company first.

Get Started With ERC

At ERC, we focus on providing innovative waste recycling services to our clients through a comprehensive process that focuses on sustainability solutions that protect our environment. It works like this:

  1. Assessment: When you contact us, an account executive will contact you to discuss the needs of your company. This discussion includes assessing your residual waste streams, determining potential service needs and reviewing your company’s sustainability goals.
  2. Process: Once our account executives create a general idea of what your company needs, ERC will look into the government regulations that apply to your company’s location and applications. We will then use those regulations to adjust our plan on how to properly process your residual and hazardous waste streams.
  3. Partnership: We will work closely with your company to customize your plan and service bundle and adjust our services to support your sustainability requirements.
  4. Journey: As your needs or locations change, ERC will continue to work with you, using our multiple facilities and industry partners as needed.
  5. Evaluate: ERC continuously evaluates our services for each client, measuring your progress and streamlining your services over time.

Are you ready to take the first step toward comprehensive waste recycling and management services? Set up your first expert consultation with ERC today. ERC is one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest waste recycling and processing solution providers, serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Virginia and beyond. No matter how much waste you have, we can handle it.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you manage your sustainability goals successfully!

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Why Choose ERC for Waste Management Services?

Your search for a comprehensive waste management solution is over. ERC offers one-stop solutions for liquid and solid waste management for a vast range of industries, from the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries to manufacturing and construction. We offer a full selection of services for our clients that meet all their waste disposal needs with an unmatched level of experience.

When you work with ERC, you can expect the following:

  • Extensive experience: ERC has experience working with many industries, including the manufacturing, construction, pharmaceutical, and oil industries.
  • Custom solutions: No matter your needs, ERC has the equipment and experience to handle it. We are one of the largest waste processors in the region and have all the resources necessary to take care of any type of waste at any location.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With ERC, there is no middle man. We handle everything from pickup and transportation to recycling and disposal. This way, we eliminate the need for multiple service providers, saving you money.
  • Environmentally responsible: ERC is dedicated to disposing of all waste in a way that focuses on environmental sustainability. Not only do we comply with all local, state and federal regulations, but we comply with EPA and DEP guidelines to help work toward sustainable waste solutions.

The best benefit of working with ERC? You don’t need to worry about your waste. Simply give us a call, and we’ll come to pick up your waste for transportation, recycling, and disposal.

Confidential Waste Management

Companies don’t want their proprietary or obsolete products falling into the wrong hands. Competitors may use these items to create similar products, or criminals may take them to the black market. Improper disposal of obsolete or expired products has the potential to harm your business and customers. Proper management for the destruction of these products is essential.

ERC offers confidential waste disposal services for companies disposing of paper and products that contain or consist of obsolete or expired products to protect your interests. This includes:

  • Expired pharmaceutical drugs
  • Proprietary manufactured chemicals or products
  • Obsolete or expired products

ERC has worked with a range of companies, helping them dispose of their confidential waste in a way that protects them while also upholding our standards of sustainability.


Keeping You Compliant Throughout the Process

One of ERC’s many benefits is our focus on maintaining compliance in our operations. Put your worries away knowing your waste is being recycled and disposed of in a safe and compliant manner. We maintain accreditation and compliance with several regulatory entities, including:

  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  • Maryland Environmental Services
  • Department of Transportation
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Local, state and federal laws

Once we process your waste, you can relax and focus on the business of your company. On top of our dedication to regulatory compliance, we also thoroughly document our waste pickup, transportation, and recycling/disposal, so you never have to worry about a lack of documentation for your own compliance purposes.

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