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Keeping You Compliant – Varied Permitting

Permits for Waste Management Compliance

ERC's varied permitting provides our customers with an extensive range of waste management services. Permit and permit-related information are as follows:

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Permit for Solid Waste Disposal and/or Processing Facility No. 301344
  • City of Lancaster Industrial Waste Discharge Permit No. 1072
  • US EPA Acknowledgment of Notification of Hazardous Waste Activity PAD 987266749
  • US DOT Transportation #424824
  • PA Residual Waste Transporter Permit No. PA-AH 0679
  • NY Waste Transporter Permit No. PA-320
  • Delaware Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit No. DE-HW-508
  • New Jersey Hazardous Waste Transporter Permit No. H50201
  • Maryland Oil Operation Permit No. 2005-OPV-7605
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