What would your company do with an extra $160,000 a year?

As 2018 approaches, many businesses are busy planning budgets for the year ahead. Don’t forget to factor in waste disposal! Environmental Recovery Corporation (ERC) waste management plans can save businesses up to $160,000 per year in waste management costs.

We’ve compiled best practices for waste management. If these aren’t a part of your waste disposal plan, contact ERC for a free on-site audit.

ERC offers waste services

Bulk is Best

During waste pickup, it’s always best to ship out as much waste as possible. Whether the load is 300 pounds or 6,000, the cost of the truck is still the same. ERC offers “less than load” transportation, a solution for companies that might not always generate full load wastes (generally, small- or medium-sized businesses).

Once inventory is determined, ERC will schedule transportation for a direct or less than load run. Less than load applies to a company that does not have enough waste to fill an entire truck. ERC solves this problem by creating a route that spreads the transportation cost across multiple generators.

Our logistics team will build a route that maximizes efficiency and volume, saving you hundreds of dollars while still meeting your disposal deadlines. Think of it as the UberPOOL equivalent to transporting waste!

Our waste transport services include the following:

  • Bulk Liquid Transport
  • Sludge/Solids Transport
  • Wet or Dry Materials
  • Packaged Waste/Non-Bulk Containers
  • Construction and Demolition
  • Organic Waste
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Used Oil Reclamation

Don’t Overlook Liquids

Have you factored liquids into your waste disposal plan? Many companies will generate wastewater at different points in their manufacturing process. Often times, wastewater from various manufacturing points are combined into one stream, rendering it untreatable, and therefore must be stabilized for landfill. However, isolating streams into separate tanks or containers, allows you to treat these liquids individually. In some instances, several streams can be combined if you eliminate any contaminating streams.

If you’re unsure of which liquids can be recycled, contact ERC for a professional on-site waste audit. Our technicians will identify and track waste streams from generation to disposal. They will obtain the samples while at your facility and deliver your results within 24-48 hours. In many cases, they can identify recyclable liquids immediately on-site. Pre-samples are always free, so you have nothing to lose by scheduling an audit.

Isolate Waste Oil

Did you know ERC reclaimed over 2 million gallons of oil in 2013?  If you plan to recycle oil, follow this mantra: segregate, separate, and isolate. Do not mix oils because it degrades their value and contaminants can lead to higher disposal costs.  ERC will sample and test your oils a no charge to help you determine its value.

ERC will accept the following oil types:

  • Heating Fuels
  • Crank Case
  • Machine Shop
  • Maintenance
  • Marine
  • Industrial Oils
Chemical Waste Drums waiting for professional waste drum disposal services.

Schedule an Audit

As the New Year approaches, there’s no better time to reassess your waste disposal costs. A recent audit revealed that ERC recommendations amounted to $160,000 savings per year. In most cases, we can conduct an audit within 48 hours of your initial contact request. Consider the following factors when you talk to ERC:

  • What waste do you currently produce?
  • How do you currently consolidate waste?
  • How do you currently ship waste out?
  • What process is being used for disposal of yourwaste? (landfill, incinerate, reuse, recycle, etc.)

From waste container rentals to a complete facility overhaul, count on ERC to responsibly handle all of your disposal needs. Don’t miss the mark on waste disposal budgets. Reach out to ERC today.