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Is Air Lance Excavation Right for My Job Site?

As infrastructure surges in 2018, many construction managers face the challenge of building around power lines, gas pipelines and other sensitive utility sites. The consequences of not properly assessing sites can be dire: line damage, environmental destruction, trench cave-ins, OSHA violations, and severe project delays. In some cases, striking volatile utilities — such as live electric wires or natural gas pipes — can lead to worker injury or even death.

Thankfully, …

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Industry Spotlight: Infrastructure Surge and Construction Waste

Comprehensive federal infrastructure legislation has led to a construction boom in 2018. For commercial builders, the financial bottom line on a project separates success from failure. Necessary through the entirety of the project, construction waste disposal is a crucial expense. Make construction waste disposal a part of your project plan from the very start.

By The Numbers:

Construction will surge by 4.8% in 2018
Site waste disposal impacts your bottom line
ERC can …

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Don’t Cut Corners: Compliant Facility Clean-Outs and Closures

There’s no time like April to think about Spring Cleaning. The same goes for your manufacturing facility! As the largest residual waste processing facility in the mid-Atlantic region, ERC has helped countless job sites properly clean out facilities — both temporarily (clean-out) and permanently (closure).

While the idea of closing operations to clean feels daunting, keep this in mind: Clean facilities reflect compliance, consistency, and responsible leadership. On top of that, …

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March Madness

When the words “March Madness” are typically uttered, most people are quick on the draw to discuss their NCAA brackets. Other may use that term when describing the unconventional weather patterns over the last several weeks. Temperatures finally starting to tease with warmer mornings, to suddenly plunge low the following day as you wake up to a foot of snow, and on the first day of Spring nonetheless.

Which brings me …

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Winter Weather Waste Collection Tips

When the weather outside is frightful, ERC encourages customers to keep safety in mind! Inclement weather conditions such as snowstorms, freezing rain, and high winds can impact waste collection pickup. Follow these waste collection tips to ensure safe and efficient pickup at your business site.

Clear Pickup Paths

Please provide a clear, safe path for ERC personnel and trucks to access drums, tanks, and roll off dumpsters. Account for approach and …

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